Flipped Learning is an interesting and effective way to promote student engagement and active learning in your courses.  This website hopes to connect our current community of instructors who use flipped learning with everyone who is interested in flipping a course, a unit, or even a single lesson. We hope to expand the flipped learning community at the University of Calgary and beyond.

What exactly is flipped learning?

Flipped learning is a pedagogical approach that involves introducing material to students outside of class time, so that they can use that time to apply the basic concepts. Want to learn more? Check out our background and frequently asked questions to familiarize yourself with the concept and main ideas behind flipped learning. We also tackle some common myths and misconceptions.

What does flipped learning look like at a post-secondary level?

Flipped learning looks different depending on the level, size, and discipline of the course it is being used in. It often integrates technology and online resources, but sometimes, it requires no technology at all. Flipped learning is used in a variety of different courses at the University of Calgary. The showcase section of this website features examples of how flipped learning was integrated into courses, challenges and successes of the methods used, and instructor reflections on the process.

If you use flipped learning in your classroom and would like to share your experiences, you can submit your reflection using our template